Customers reviews

Debbie became our friend after we listed our home with her. Everything she said would happen did happen. The price she said we would get, we got and then some! She’s hard working, honest and always stayed in touch even throughout the weeks before her own wedding. I highly recommend listing your home with Debbie!
Edward R.
I would recommend Debbie Rauh to anyone looking for a knowledgeable agent to sell their property. Since I don’t live in Los Angeles, I needed someone who I could trust and who could handle this deal from a distance if necessary. There were a number of issues that had to be dealt with, including my mother’s trust and Debbie handled all to my satisfaction. She knows the local market and other agents well and advised me on which offers were legitimate and which were not. Her advice was invaluable.
Stephen C.
Debbie has great communication skills and kept me informed at all times, whether by phone, text and email. The offer to purchase that we finally accepted came while I was out of the country. It was amazing to me how much we could accomplish using DocuSign while I was away.
Lorraine P.
Everyone knows their numbers and their comps and what not. What I really enjoyed about Debbie was that she is very honest and knowledgeable. She is professional and I knew that her word was golden. She was extremely easy to work with. I got the offer that I wanted and I only showed my house 2 days.
Stephen K.
Fantastic real estate agent! She really goes the extra mile for her clients, both buyers and sellers. Debbie gave me all the time and support that I needed, during the journey toward the purchase of my first home. She really focused on what I needed, and never pressured me to make a purchase. She handled all the paperwork, and negotiated little bumps along the way like the professional that she is. Soon after I purchased my home, I recommended her to a good friend who was selling her mother’s home (Her mom had passed away). My friend continues to thank me for the referral. Debbie was extremely sensitive and supportive during that difficult process for my friend and ultimately did a great job for her.
Goldie H.
Debbie saved the day! Most agents will most likely tell you what you want to hear, but Debbie will be honest about what the true value of your house might be. We had the experience of those agents who in order to get a listing promised that they could get some crazy amount for our house. Debbie is so plugged into the area that she knew what the house could bring, which wasn’t what we hoped for, but turned out to be on the money based on the offers that came through. When we look for an agent we want honesty and that’s what she brings. On top of that, she doggedly worked on getting all contingencies remove asap and drove the deal to a close in record time. Her follow-up and attention to detail are first rate. No one can beat her drive and determination to get the job done.
Joe F.
I chose Debbie to sell our home in Beverly Hills after getting to know her when she found a home for my son and daughter-in-law. Since they were both busy with work, I was the family member chosen to represent them when sitting for inspections, etc. Debbie was there every step of the way, spending up to 8 hours sitting for inspections. That is when I discovered her amazing follow through. Even after the house sold, she was there to make sure minute details were attended to. She follows through on every detail, no matter how small. I was terribly impressed with her knowledge and professionalism. It was fortuitous that we met. She is a pleasure to work with.
Susan S.
We were not even in the market to sell. Debbie suggested we think about it. We did and before we knew we knew it we had a buyer. She made it extremely easy and made us feel really comfortable from the start. We had some really odd requests like staying in the house an extra 6 months after we sold because we were not expecting to more. She got it done. I highly recommend working with her. I will call her when we are ready to buy for sure.
James B.
My husband and I found Debbie to be extremely professional and overall a terrific!! She had been referred by a close friend of ours. When I needed to sell my mother’s property after she passed away last year, we knew right after meeting her that she was the perfect Realtors for us. Debbie stepped in and helped us with every detail and put our minds at ease. After a short few months, we ultimately sold my mother’s house. She listened to all our questions and concerns from the start and offered helpful suggestions without being judgmental. Further, she helped us negotiate with the loan guys, the prospective buyers and escrow. She was calm and patient with us every step of the way. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her in a heart beat. She is a person I can depend on and have had a professional friendship since last year.
Iris S.
Debbie is amazing! I listed our house with them a week before the pandemic lockdown was implemented and were very nervous. We had already purchased and we needed to sell as we couldn’t afford the payments on both homes. We panicked but Debbie and Rebecca put us at ease with the way they handled themselves throughout the sale process. They were able get us asking price and made us feel safe with the entire process despite the fact that there was this scary pandemic happening. We will always be grateful to them!
Samantha W.
Debbie and Rebecca were incredible and sold our house in Hollywood. We had 3 month year old twins during the process of selling so the easier they made it the better. We were so happy with them that we decided to use Debbie and Rebecca to help buy our new house. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to sell or buy a new house.
Bill W.
Debbie and Rebecca were a breath of fresh air in the world of real estate. They are very honest and informative and not pushy in any way. They helped me sell my mother’s house after she passed and they were extremely compassionate and professional at the same time. They got me multiple offers and the house went way above asking. I highly recommend working with them.
George R.
Debbie and Rebecca helped us sell our home in a very short time. They found the right buyers for the right price. They negotiated with the buyers to our benefit and allowed us to stay in the house for an extra three months until we found a new place to live. They helped with all the overwhelming paperwork and always was available to solve any problems on the way. We recommend Debbie and Rebecca very strongly as professional and talented agents.
Edmond M.
We met Debbie and Rebecca in an open house that turned out not the kind of property we were interested. But we kept in touch and they worked honestly and tirelessly until we finally bought & moved into our property about 2 yrs ago. During our search, they answered our phone calls instantly, showed us all properties we had asked for, even we were only marginally interested. We couldn’t be happier with their service.
Debbie & Rebecca are extremely knowledgeable, reliable and accessible. They were great at getting to understand what I wanted, showing a range of options, and efficiently narrowing down options based on what we liked. They know the area and process really well. They are also a pleasure to work with. I would definitely love to work with them again and I would recommend them to anyone who is in the market.
Ella G.
Debbie and Rebecca are fantastic real estate agents. They are a pleasure to work with and listens carefully to what you want. They valued my time and treated me like gold. I was pleased in every regard. It is without reservation that I recommend Debbie and Rebecca to anyone looking for a top notch agent.
Douglas B.